myHome Plus App – A Universal Home Control

Controls entire home in one app

myHome - All-in-one Smart Home Automation

One app for all

Tired of switching apps to manage products from different manufacturers?

myHome Plus lets you control all of them in one app.

Rooms, Zones, and Service Groups

Organize home products in rooms, zones, and service groups to manager them easily.

myHome Plus controls all smart home products

myHome Plus currently supports all HomeKit accessories,

Nest thermostat, Nest Protect, Nest Cam, WeMo Insight,

WeMo Switch, WeMo Light Switch, and WeMo Motion

and we keep adding more along the time.
No extra hardware or monthly fee required!

See a full list of supported products


Create triggers to execute multiple actions at specific time, location, or event to manage your home smart and automatically.

For example an event trigger can close all windows when you leave home in the morning.


Configure your important characteristics like thermostat current temperature as favorites

to fully control them in Today View without unlocking your phone, and even on your Apple Watch.

Multiple Users

Share your home control with family members, guests, and any users with iCloud accounts.


“Hey Siri, open the garage door”, Siri automatically recognizes HomeKit accessories and executes your voice command.